One Piece comes to GameXP !

Hey there, gamer!
We have great news for you! GameXP has added a new game to its roster, the incredible One Piece. Most people, especially anime fans and One Piece enthusiasts, have already heard about this title – an astonishing anime-mmorpg with powerful battles and exciting gameplay!
Expect colorful special effects, intriguing companion advancement system, cross-server battles and other One Piece anime-MMORPG features!


High quality graphics, colorful special effects and responsive controls

Each of your companions has a different specialization. Mix and match your crew to defeat your enemies!

The game will continue even without you! Each of your companions has different skills, so don’t be afraid to experiment in fights with several participants to discover the ultimate strategy!

Assume control with the companion advancement system, upgradeable equipment, cross-server battles, PvP, world bosses, dungeons, «King of the Hill» and other activities

Touch the screen to start playing. You will be able to advance companions, level up and earn rewards even when you are busy elsewhere

The fight is on!