Space Guns is «out of this world»!

Humanity never stopped reaching for the stars ever since our ancestors stood upright for the first time. On the one hand, we’ve made significant progress in this direction, but on the other having breakfast on Pluto is still something you can only enjoy in science fiction… and videogames! A space-based setting is considered to be the second most popular in gaming industry, following dungeons and dragons of "classical fantasy". Each year we see tens if not hundreds of new games about galactic civilizations or the humanity’s expansion among the stars. It may be difficult to create something original in such an oversaturated field, but we took a sneak peek Space Guns and this game appears to be a cut above the rest. At least, this title looks a bit different from others.

The difficulties start at trying to define this game’s genre. On the one hand, Space Guns is a capable space shooter, but on the other hand the developers promise a robust PvE component. You are offered a complete freedom of choice: you’re going to like this game if you’re looking for large scale combat encounters with real players in three-dimensional space. Choose your preferred setup, queue the orders and sail off to space to complete the ever-changing combat objectives.
If you’re more interested in plumbing the depths of human (and other sentient creatures’) souls, these tasks will become an endless source of money and resources that can be spent on both upgrading your spaceship and solving the intricacies of the complex plot.
Another feature of this game is fixed mission duration, which is easily explained. Space Guns’ ships are controlled by implants that allow a person to directly jack into the ship systems and control them as if the ship were their own body. Unfortunately, the human brain has its limits, so you only have 10 minutes per session to complete your objective. If you’d like to accomplish bonus goals in addition to the main one, you’ll have to devote time to careful planning.
The third interesting feature is the battlefield. It is located at the edge of the known universe next to an anomalous star system that defies the laws of physics with its very existence. And yet it exists, and both the Empire and the Trade league struggle to control it and uncover its mysteries. Additionally, the system reportedly houses a fortress inhabited by non-humanoid creatures that may or may not interfere in your combat operations. Get ready for the unexpected, pilot!

We can spend quite some time telling what this new game can or cannot do, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just keep in mind that the game is being made by the very same people who created Parkan, a title that became a breakthrough in the industry back and the day. Let’s see if they can make the lightning strike twice.

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