Amber heart

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Platform: PC
Game type: Browser
Genre: Puzzle | Hidden object
Developer: Nikita Online
Publisher: Nikita Online
Release date: 2015


Operating system: Windows, MacOS
Processor: 1.6GHz
RAM: 1Gb
Browser: any browser supporting Adobe Flash Player 10.2+
Misc.: 128 Kb/s Internet connection


«Amber Heart» is a social hidden object game. Your character’s cursed blood gives them magical powers. Unfortunately, the Temple condemns sorcerers to exile and sends them to a provincial town of Cannaregio: its tall walls won’t let you escape, so you’ll have to explore its winding streets, delve into mysterious catacombs beneath and uncover their secrets to win back your freedom.


  • Enjoy alternative history Renaissance where magic is not a boon but a curse. Become an outcast hero in a beautiful yet unfriendly world.
  • Visit two main locations, a sleepy provincial town and a mysterious cavernous maze beneath that contrast each other and yet are inexplicably bound into a single whole.
  • Befriend twelve unique characters and learn their stories.
  • Unique help system. Draw magic signs to highlight the needed items or to see their outlines. As your powers grow, so do the number and complexity of available symbols.
  • Integrated leaderboards spur competition and makes a single-player game much more exciting. Add friends from your social networks, help them and use their aid to conquer the many challenges to come.